How to Say "NO" to Drugs School Presentation


Jacob was an “A” student and a champion athlete on a sport scholarship until the divorce of his parents.

Jacob Speaking to High School Students


He began to hang out with the wrong crowd and experiment with drugs.


Things quickly spiralled out of control.


After eight years as a gang member and drug dealer, Jacob overcame heroin addiction and hasn’t looked back.


Today Jacob shares his experience with students in a very personal and impacting presentation.


In his school presentations, Jacob shows how a series of small choices compounded into a disastrous outcome. He is able to use this as an opportunity to coach students to anticipate these moments and to positively deal with them in a way that will grow their confidence.


There is a focus on the consequences he still faces from the choices he made when he was a teenager.


He tells how many of his friends have died due to drug and alcohol abuse, and explains that many more are still trapped in the cycle of addiction and its associated problems such as mental health problems, prison, unemployment and severe family dysfunction.


Jacob has shared his story hundreds of times with school, community and corporate groups since 2003, and has received a remarkable response from students, parents, teachers, business leaders and community leaders alike.


He is also invited to share on numerous other platforms including local and international television, newspapers, magazines, radio and podcasts.


Jacob has written and published a book about his journey, “Kids at War” which has been both a commercial success, selling thousands of copies, and received extensive commendation as it has impacted many young people and families. He is always happy to give a copy for the school library.


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